Chapter One - Instructor's Cut

The images and the text that constitute this first chapter of the Students in China Make History Gallery were the handiwork of LK, the Instructor for the class in Beijing. As seen in the final chapter of this gallery, the carving given to LK is entitled Aerial Diamondhead and the stone used for the piece originated in Cadomin Alberta, an important mining community located on a conspicuous edge of the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies frequented by large numbers of male Bighorn Sheep. The School of One carver encouraged LK to go “out and about” with the carving to take some photos in various venues, and, afterwards, to write an associate narrative as a further means of understanding the potential and content of the carving vignettes program for a class assignment. LK’s photos demonstrate some adventures with street vendors and “parts unknown” in Beijing, while the following narrative details a journey of serious introspection at Behai Park. The title of the narrative and its content reveal that LK not only took “ownership of the rock”, but ascribed the carving an anthropomorphic character as well, a feature of the “Instructor’s Cut” that parallels the approach marshalled by the students found in the next chapter.


My Stone, By LK


This is my stone. I walked it to Behai Park in Beijng on May 15th to see if it was ready to stop, being a bright and shiny object, and to find its ancestors. My stone was happiest in the grass but I also tried to see if it could be just as content with the other carved stones found in the park as well. Because it is a fish, I took my stone to a place by the river. I bought some dragon fruit and it occurred to me that the fruit also looked “fish-like” so I put them together. It was a beautiful and very peaceful day. I felt very happy walking my stone through the different areas of the park.